Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tools of the trade

NOTE: I proudly work on an Apple Macintosh, but almost everything I say here will apply to both Mac and PCs. (I also use Parallels Virtualization to run Windows on my Mac.)

I thought you might like a look into my toolbox for creating ebooks. It includes:
  • Adobe Dreamweaver 9, which is part of Adobe Creative Suite 3. I haven’t had the money to upgrade to CS5 — wait, it’s now CS 5.5.
  • Adobe PhotoShop 10 (same as above)
  • Microsoft Word 11 (part of Office for Mac 2004, again no money)
  • BBEdit 8 (9 is the current version, again no money)
  • Fetch 5.3 (5.6 is the current version)
Actually, the above programs I had before I started experimenting with ebooks. The following programs are essential for creating, converting and testing the various ebook formats.
  • calibre 0.7.55 will convert most any type of document (text, Word, HTML) to , open source software that is constantly being updated
  • Sigil 0.3.4, also opensource, also constantly being updated and like calibre, supported by donations
  • Kindle and Nook for Mac
  • Kindle Preview for Mac

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